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Experience quality and the ergonomically designed Aviator Desk Chair. With a fusion of recycled steel and genuine Italian leather, this swivel chair would complement a rustic study. Seize the start of your ordinary day with the Aviator chair. This daring and debonair industrial-inspired accent chair is set to alleviate your ordinary corner space with its hardwood base, pop rivet studs and captivating aluminium shell. This graceful and masculine chair features 100% cowhide seats in an all-time classic, rustic brown. Meticulously manufactured to achieve its rugged and distressed look along with its gliding 360 swivels, Aviator is the perfect backer where high achievers can get comfortable and glide into a busy day. Featuring unique, genuine tan leather, an aluminium shell and a swivel design, the intricate details in this chair are sure to impress. If you're feeling daring, pair this epitome of modern masculinity with its perfect counterpart, the Aviator Egg Chair.