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Elevate your dining room with our Contemporary Glass Sideboards. These stunning pieces combine functionality and style, offering storage and display options while creating an open and sophisticated atmosphere. With clean lines and minimalist design, the glass panels become the focal point, adding understated luxury to your space.

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Auryn Gold Stainless Steel SideboardAuryn Gold Stainless Steel Sideboard


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$1,198.00Regular Price
Grazia Brushed Gold Stainless Steel SideboardGrazia Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Sideboard


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$958.00Regular Price
Laila Glass Sideboard - Black Iron FrameLaila Glass Sideboard - Black Iron Frame


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$1,098.00Regular Price
Lena Shiny Stainless Steel Sideboard - Glass TopLena Shiny Stainless Steel Sideboard - Glass Top


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$1,598.00Regular Price
Lindsay Silver SideboardLindsay Silver Sideboard


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$998.00Regular Price
Lola Black Glass Sideboard Lola Black Glass Sideboard


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$1,798.00Regular Price
Pavel Gold SideboardPavel Gold Sideboard


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$1,898.00Regular Price
Sandringham Clear Glass Sideboard - Gold Stainless Steel LegsSandringham Clear Glass Sideboard - Gold Stainless Steel Legs


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$1,998.00Regular Price

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Glass and gold make for a luxurious combination, as evidenced by our Auryn Gold Stainless Steel & Glass Sideboard. This majestic piece aims to add a lustrous glow to your home with its stylish design and striking colours. The Auryn is a sideboard made from a combination of Glass, Stainless steel and high-quality acrylic. It's composed of two different surfaces, each with its own unique features. 

A distinct air of elegance permeates our beautiful Laila Glass Side Board. It aims to dazzle you with its artistically designed frame that's both a nod to classic looks and modern minimalism. The Laila Side Board presents a masterfully crafted geometric frame with an open design that allows light and the beauty of your other pieces to shine through. The Laila features spacious glass surfaces that can be used to decorate with your collectibles, prized plates and more.

Glass Sideboards Australian Shipping Information

We ship Glass Sideboards Australia-wide. The final delivery charge for your order will be calculated at the time of checkout. Delivery charges are based on the following factors: delivery location (your suburb), item(s) of purchase/number of boxes, accessibility of the location and ground floor/upper-level delivery. For more details read our Shipping Policy.

For answers to your questions and more detailed information, please visit our FAQ page, where you'll find comprehensive and helpful responses covering a wide range of topics about our products, services, and policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acquiring a glass sideboard brings about various stylish advantages. Its refined and opulent look enhances your living space, creating a brighter atmosphere. Thanks to its unique properties, the glass stays free from stains and is easy to clean, simplifying maintenance. Moreover, it provides ample space to display your cherished and valuable decorative items. Additionally, these glass sideboards seamlessly integrate with any home furniture arrangement.

The Laila glass sideboard with a gold frame is a consistently favoured choice within the sideboard range. Its captivating design seamlessly combines classic and modern elements, making it a versatile addition to any area of your home. The spacious top glass surface provides an ideal space to showcase your cherished belongings, while the lower glass section offers practicality and an opportunity to enhance the room's organisation and aesthetics.

Koala Living will only deliver within Australia. We reserve the right to decline or accept orders to certain locations.The delivery cost will be calculated during online checkout or at the time of purchase when arranging delivery in-store.

Koala Living presents a wide variety of sideboards, showcasing an abundant selection of materials and designs. The collection includes options such as glass, marble, mirrored, wooden, and stone, offering you a diverse array of choices to perfectly match your preferences.