Alice Dining Table II


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The Alice Dining Table II is a contemporary styled piece featuring a tempered glass table top and a gold toned geometric base. Well Rounded Dining The Alice Dining Table II is simple yet sophisticated and contemporary in design. This piece works perfectly for a tight space and will certainly bring a luxurious look to your dining room. Comfortably seating 5 people, it has the perfect amount of spacing without looking too busy. Timeless And Durable Build The Alice was carefully crafted to last in both style as well as construct. With a tempered glass table top, this piece is very strong and sleek. The subtle top flawlessly compliments the geometric ring base and deliberately adds texture for a contemporary aesthetic look. Character And Charm The dining tables sturdy frame and high quality gold finish at the base is destined to showcase your great taste. By focusing on the tones and unique shapes offered by the Alice, your dining room will always be on trend.