Acrylic King Wine Cabinet - Clear with Silver Accent


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Colour: Clear / Silver

Product Details

The Acrylic King Wine Cabinet could easily be mistaken for a modern art piece with its contemporary transparent design and fashionably Silver detailing. The Cabinet is secured by two stylish Silver toggle latches found at the top and bottom sections in its compact and closed form. Opening these latches reveals two equally beautiful and functional cabinets with a variety of features. The bottom left side features a hexagonal wine rack that can hold more than a dozen of your favourite bottles. Directly above is a transparent shelf for your favourite shot, beer or cocktail glasses; next is a shelf to display your most prized spirits. Topping off this section is a wine glass rack where you can store and display your most fashionable wine glasses. The cabinet on the right houses a collection of shelves and pull-out drawers; that is spacious enough to satisfy your bar curating needs. The Acrylic King Wine Cabinet features beautiful Silver accents on each corner and is supported by Eight sturdy wheels for mobility. This piece also comes in a Golden accented variant which you should check out as well.