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Display and store your favourite beverages and glasses with Koala Living's elegant Bar Cabinets. Designed with optimized storage solutions, these cabinets add sophistication to your home bar. Organize with style and accessibility, while exquisite finishes make them a captivating focal point for entertaining.

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Acrylic King Wine Cabinet - Clear with Silver Stainless steel AccentAcrylic King Wine Cabinet - Clear with Silver Stainless steel Accent
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Fredrik Black Wooden Wine CabinetFredrik Black Wooden Wine Cabinet


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$5,598.00Regular Price
Kate Taupe Wooden Wine Cabinet - Brass Coloured HandlesKate Taupe Wooden Wine Cabinet - Brass Coloured Handles


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$4,598.00Regular Price
King Wine Black Leather CabinetKing Wine Black Leather Cabinet


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$4,398.00Regular Price

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King Wine Black Leather Bar Cabinet presents an impressively stylish way to store your favourite wine and spirits. This gorgeous work of art has an air of prominence that flows through every inch of its masterfully crafted corners. Premium quality leather drapes the King Wine Cabinet in its luxury In a dapper shade of black. Opening the beautiful handles reveals an intertwining collective of wood and steel, forming little cabinets, a fully functional wine rack and more. 

Feel the warmth that resonates from the all-natural acacia wood adeptly crafted to create the Dimitri Brown Wooden Bar Cabinet. This magnificent piece serves as a treasure chest for your favourite bottles of wine and spirits, waiting to add levity to usher joy into your home. Opening its well-crafted doors reveals an assembly of storage options for your prized glasses, aged wine bottles, bartending tools and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kolalliving offers high-quality, functional bar cabinets that seamlessly complement any interior design in your home. Opting to invest in a wine cabinet is an excellent choice for showcasing your favourite drink collections while simultaneously maintaining a well-organised and tidy bar area. This ensures your beverages are consistently at the ideal temperature for serving at any time and allows your wine collection to age gracefully. Moreover, it guarantees the safety of your drinks by eliminating the need for constant relocation, providing a convenient and elegant one-stop display solution.

The King Wine Black Leather Cabinet is an exquisite and stylish piece of furniture, highly favoured among the top-selling wine cabinets at Koala Living. It stands out not only for its luxurious look but also for its cleverly crafted design. When you open its beautifully designed doors, you'll discover a thoughtfully organised interior that combines different materials to create a set of cabinets and a functional wine rack. These cabinets provide ample space for storing your beloved wine bottles, and the wine rack presents an appealing way to display and organise your collection. This harmonious blend of beauty and usefulness makes the King Wine Cabinet a smart choice for wine enthusiasts.

Koala Living will only deliver within Australia. We reserve the right to decline or accept orders to certain locations.The delivery cost will be calculated during online checkout or at the time of purchase when arranging delivery in-store.

Koala Living offers a wide range of bar furniture, including choices such as bar carts, bar tables, bar cabinets, bar decors and bar stools.