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Elevate your bedroom with our stunning Mirrored Bedside Tables, capturing glamour and sophistication. Create depth and intrigue with light and space. Choose from various designs to reflect your unique style. Designed to provide both storage solutions and a surface for your essentials, they bring charm and elegance to your bedroom decor.

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Helena Antique Glass Bedside Table - Gold FrameHelena Antique Glass Bedside Table - Gold Frame



Mirah Brushed Black Bedside TableMirah Brushed Black Bedside Table
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Solitude Antique Silver Bedside TableSolitude Antique Silver Bedside Table




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Solitude Antique Silver & Mirrored Bedside Table combines the elegance of the Hamptons with the showstopping design of the art-deco style to bring an undeniable luxe look to the bedroom. This piece is made from premium quality materials and coloured in a stunning shade of silver. Adding to its glamour is a beautiful set of mirrored panels that decorate each side of the Solitude Bedside Table's outer frame. Three spacious drawers with stylized handles open up to offer space for your curating needs.

The Mirah Mirrored Side Table is a piece that is gleaming with charm and style. Featuring gorgeous mirrored panels positioned on the front and sides to brighten and open up any space it's settled in. Ádding to that look of sophistication is the side table's beaded trim design and painted antique silver detailing. Three fully functional and roomy dresser drawers are present for all your storage needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acquiring a mirrored bedside table can immediately introduce an aura of refinement and sophistication to any bedroom setting. The reflective surfaces of the mirrors not only illuminate and expand the room but also seamlessly enhance the existing decor in your bedroom. The combination of storage and mirrors renders these nightstands a practical and stylish enhancement to your sleeping space.

The Solitude antique silver bedside table stands out among a variety of exquisite bedside tables at Koala Living due to its remarkable elegance, ensuring a timeless and refined visual appeal that is bound to make a lasting impact. Its dazzling mirrored element introduces a hint of charm and fascination to its design. Moreover, the generous tabletop serves as an ideal platform for displaying your cherished table lamp and other valuable items. Additionally, the three doors provide ample storage space to help maintain your bedroom's tidiness by accommodating your belongings.

Koala Living will only deliver within Australia. We reserve the right to decline or accept orders to certain locations.The delivery cost will be calculated during online checkout or at the time of purchase when arranging delivery in-store.

Koala Living offers a wide selection of bedroom furniture, including queen and king-sized beds, mattresses in both king and queen sizes, bedside tables, tallboys, and dressers with a diverse range of wooden and mirrored pieces to suit your needs.