Portobello Pandora Brown Sintered Stone Top Dining Table - Light Brown Ash Legs


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The Portobello Dining Table presents a harmonious blend of natural warmth and contemporary elegance. At its heart lies the expansive, rectangular sintered stone tabletop, its surface a symphony of earthy tones and intricate veining. The spacious design invites eight people to gather comfortably, making it a hub for hearty conversations and memorable meals shared with friends and family. This robust surface is elegantly perched atop a lower frame of stainless steel, finished in luxurious hues that provide a striking juxtaposition of industrial and natural elements.

The table's design gracefully transitions into light brown ash legs. These legs, with their lighter, honeyed hues, impart a sense of warmth and natural charm. They stand with a quiet but confident presence, supporting the stone top with an effortless blend of strength and aesthetics. The light brown tone of the ash wood complements the creamy sintered stone, lending a welcoming, softer look that suits a variety of interior palettes.

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