Koala Living provides the following warranties to the original purchaser, provided it was bought from a Koala Living store or online, and proof of purchase is presented.

Our objective is for you to have a pleasurable experience with us and to maintain customer satisfaction.

We encourage you to check the product upon collection in stores or our distribution centres to make sure the product you purchased is up to your standard.

To help us process your claim as quickly as possible, for all faults related to homewares collected from the store, please contact your nearest showroom within 72 hours of collection, and our friendly staff will assist you in rectifying your concerns.

For furniture products that are delivered to your premises, collected from our distribution centre, as well as all other warranty claims, please email us a photo/video of the product, short description and sales tax invoice number to cs@koalaliving.com. Our dedicated team of customer service agents will get back to you within three business days.

Warranty against defects

Koala Living goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. On top of other rights and remedies that you may have under law, Koala Living provide additional warranties. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and do not result in a major failure.

The Koala Living warranty commences from the date of collection or delivery of your purchased product(s).

The period of the Warranty will be limited to the inclusions covered below.

  • (a) The internal frames used in Koala Living lounges are warranted against manufacturing failure and defects for a guaranteed 10 years.
  • (b) All electronic and motion components for Koala Living Furniture are warranted against failure due to a manufacturing defect for 12 months (including recliner mechanisms, adjustable head/side rests and mechanical accessories supplied by Koala Living).
  • (c) All lounge components other than the clause mentioned above as (a) and (b) are warranted against manufacturing defects (including upholstery, coverings, foam, finishing) for a guaranteed period of 2 years from the date of possession.
  • (d) All other Koala Living products are warranted against manufacturing defects for 12 months.

Our Koala Living warranty covers the repair or replacement of any product protected under the manufacturing and structural Warranty; however, this does not include faults that result from normal wear and tear or a natural characteristic of the material used.

Koala living reserves the right to decline warranty claims made due to misuse or overlooking of the care instructions and/or are reported to us outside of our reporting period of 72 hours or the specified warranty period.

Koala Living has the right to replace, repair and provide a suitable remedy to all potential faults (Minor or Major) by adhering to the policies imposed or conditioned by the Australian consumer law

For all faulty items, regardless of the category of the product, the nature of the fault (Major or Minor), or the decision made by Koala Living, the product must be kept with the customer until a drop-off or collection is arranged. Koala Living is under no legal obligation to provide you with any service; should you decide to dispose of goods. *If the fault is causing a hazard, please let us know, and we will expedite collection/drop off.

Warranty Exclusions

3.1 Damages as a result of using goods that were not designed or intended to be applied on your purchased Koala Living product(s). This further includes damages to leather or fabric coverings due to the application of chemicals, cleaners or conditioners not endorsed by Koala Living.

3.2 Damages incurred during handling and transportation of the product by the customer or their contractor.

3.3 Damages as a result of extreme use or exposure that goes beyond normal wear and tear. This includes any exposure to un-intended outdoor elements such as rain, heat or direct sunlight (unless the item is intended for outdoor use as directed by Koala Living). Discolouration of leather or fabric coverings resulting from exposure to direct sunlight, extreme heat or similar conditions.

3.4 Damages resulting from dye transfer from rugs, cushions, jeans and other clothing. This also includes damage to leather or fabric coverings caused by the transference of perspiration, body oils or the corrosive ingredients in personal care products such as hair gels and skin creams.

3.5 Damages caused by any modification, alterations or improper and incorrect assembly and in general using a product for anything other than their original and described purposes. This also includes if a product is relocated from its original delivery location by transporters not approved by Koala Living and the relocation has caused damage due to improper packaging and transporting.

3.6 Furniture repaired by contractors not endorsed by Koala Living

3.7 Damages as a result of failure to follow the care instructions and manufacturer's instructions/specifications as provided by Koala Living

3.8 Accidental damages

3.9 Products used in commercial, rental or other non-residential use

3.10 Goods sold as ex-display, clearance, floor stock or 'As is' where this has been brought to the customers' attention before the purchase. It is the customer's responsibility to check all goods carefully as no refund or exchange will be provided for the mentioned category. This Warranty is not transferable to another product or person(s) and does not cover products used for commercial/rental purposes.

3.11 Body impressions on foams, sofas, mattresses with indentation

3.12 Indentations or markings which are considered a characteristic of the products such as obvious knots in wooden pieces, rough finishes in products sold as distressed design, buff marks on stainless steel, veins and swirls present in marble, visible grains on natural cowhides and leather products. *Majority of our product is handmade/unique, a variation of 20% to the live product in store is expected for some products.

3.13 Damages as a result of claw marks, scratches or bodily fluids caused by pets

3.14 Damages caused by improper mounting of products (all mountable merchandise should be mounted using individual brackets. Avoid the use of chain, cable ties and wire)

3.15 Koala Living is not liable for the care and maintenance of mirrors nor damage from accidental breakage. This includes where the mirror was not correctly secured or hung.

3.16 Koala living will need to determine the cause as a part of the claim assessment if damages occur in your absence.

3.17 Pressure marks in velvet or other upholstery can occur due to the packaging. However, these quickly disappear after unpackaging your items and will benefit from a gentle steam and brushing with a velvet brush to help remove pressure marks.

Normal Wear and Tear Excluded from Koala Living Warranty

3.18 The normal and expected settling of soft filling such as polyester fibre and leather

3.19 Leather grain variation, colour variation, wrinkling, markings, and scars resulting from the natural features of the hide/leather

3.20 Damage or degradation of leather or fabric coverings not properly maintained; that is, the regular removal of dust and dirt by appropriate means and the application of endorsed cleaning and leather nourishing products as instructed at time of sale.

3.21 Natural settlement of foam due to normal wear and tear. This includes the uneven settlement of the foam due to usage habits.

3.22 Scars, marks and differing pore density and colour are natural characteristics of leather and are not considered defects.

3.23 Fabrics and leathers will fade and crease. Foam and fillings will soften and form to the shape of the user over time. Depending on the covering and the degree of use, the covering materials, cushion fillings and suspension may need to be replaced periodically at the purchaser's expense.

3.24 Failure to maintain feather fill as advised resulting in compacted fill.

3.25 Built-up of lint/pilling is common in all-natural and synthetic fabrics with use. As part of the routine maintenance, the build can be shaved using a readily available battery-operated mini machine called Lint Shaver.

3.26 Wrinkles: We assure you wrinkles in upholstery is extremely common and necessary for your comfort. In reality, these are called “comfort wrinkles” or puddling. This is not a defect. You should expect some wrinkling on a high-quality leather or fabric sofa, as we are stretching upholstery over a soft and spongy surface.

All warranty assessments must be processed through the Koala Living customer service team.

* Variation Understanding: Koala Living sources many unique items that have natural characteristics and are often produced with raw or unrefined finishes. Koala Living's quality control team assess the product(s) on this basis. Therefore, if an item has only a minor variation from the displayed models in relation to colour, shade, texture or feel, then the item is reflective of the display models.



We use top quality fabrics available to us, and each fabric has its own unique characteristics, which are explained below.

Velvet: Most of our velvet products are velveteen. This fabric has a short and dense pile with a very uniform distribution, resembling suede. Velveteen is usually 100% cotton and has more body and less drape than regular velvet. Because of the shorter pile, they are also more matte. The patterns in the piles may present with slightly different colours upon touching.

Cotton is a very short pile of velveteen and is less likely to be flattened. Avoid meeting moisture since this could leave marks. Instead, apply steam for cleaning and cover with a white cloth and steam only over the cover.

Polyester and cotton: In the process of upholstery, sometimes there may be some loose threads left on the product, which can be removed by simply snipping the excess/loose thread without pulling. This may cause unravelling within the loose loom fabrics.

  • - Dirt and body moisture can produce discolouration to your fabric. Regular vacuuming will remove grit that, in time, can wear the fabric and reduce the longevity of your product.
  • - Where possible, try rotating the back and seating cushions to avoid uneven wear and dent.
  • - Only attempt professional dry cleaning to make sure you stop shrinkage and the use right heat and products.
  • - Temporary pilling can happen to any fabric, and this should not be considered a fault. It can easily be removed using a de-pilling machine.

Please ensure that you use your furniture for the intended purpose. The location of your furniture can affect its longevity, so prolonged exposure of furniture to direct sunlight will damage it. Placing furniture too close to radiators, heaters, stoves or wood fires can increase the risk of damage or discolouration. As high humidity can cause mold growth on wooden furniture over time, we recommend ventilating your space to avoid this. Remember sharp objects such as shoe fastenings, accessories, and even your pets' claws can tear, scratch, or even break the furniture. Refrain from sitting on arms, back or the headrest of lounges. For cleaning or room remodelling, always lift your sofa, avoid dragging as it may break or scratch the legs. Do not sit or stand on tabletops, and do not pivot on the back legs of chairs.

If your couch has removable seatings and backrest, please make sure you straighten them after every use; it is perfectly normal for removable seatings to push forward after usage. To extend the life of your couch, fluff the loose and back cushions, rotate them and avoid the accumulation of dust and food in the crevices

Pilling can occur due to natural wear and should not be considered as a fault. Many factors can trigger pilling, including climatic conditions, atmospheric purity and user environment. Pilling occurs when loose micro fibres begin to push out from the fabric's surface, which is a natural feature and does not affect the fabric's durability. Please email us at cs@koalaliving.com upon your request, and we can supply you with one.


Leather is a noble and resistant material that gets better with age. It becomes softer and more comfortable with time. Each hide has its own story that can be read by the natural signs impressed on the surface, such as scars, lines, stretch marks, veining and differences in grains and colours. Leather is a natural material that will last a long time if maintained correctly. Periodically dusting using a clean, non-abrasive cloth and regularly vacuuming your furniture will assist in maintaining the product. Leather should further be conditioned and protected using manufacturer approved care products following the instructions carefully.

To minimise fading, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat. Dye transfer between materials can occur and should be cleaned immediately. It is natural for leather to stretch with use and for seat foams to soften over time. Where possible, try rotating the back and seating cushions to avoid uneven wear and obvious indentation. Use of general household cleaning products, chemicals and abrasives are not recommended as they can break down the protective surface and cause damage to the leather. Please use leather friendly products for general or spot cleaning. For optimum results, use leather balm every few months or after deep cleaning. (Available at all supermarkets and hardware stores).

Vegan Leather: or PU leather is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer; making it easy to clean, sustainable and has the ability to be made in a variety of colours and styles.


While most of our timber pieces have lacquered surfaces and are fairly water-resistant, they cannot tolerate excessive amounts of liquid. Therefore, dry any spills immediately by wiping with a non-abrasive damp cloth and polish the surface; otherwise, liquid may seep through the lacquer and cause irreparable damage.

It is always recommended to use protective head coverings on timber pieces, as it cannot tolerate greater temperatures from dishes heated on the stovetop or ovens. In addition, always use coasters when placing cups, bottles or glass on the surface of a timber product.

Natural timber will show distinctive markings, uneven edges, splits, patches, patterns, and colour variations produced from genuine timber materials and are natural to its characteristics. Direct exposure to sunlight will cause timber products, particularly doors, tops and side panels, to warp.

At Koala Living, we offer a range of rustic, solid timber furniture pieces to suit your individual style. Due to the nature of the timber pieces we source, you will find that each piece has its own natural characteristics and patterns. As a result, no two pieces are ever the same, making your selection a unique purchase and beautiful addition to your home.


Marble is a natural material. Each piece is unique in markings, veins, patterns and colour variations. No two pieces will ever be the same. When selecting we rang, we focus on pieces that showcase and enhance the look and feel of our design aesthetic and how this can be translated into your home. The long lines and swirls that are visible on marble pieces are unique and classified as veins. Veins are a key feature in the appearance and beauty of each marble piece and are considered to differ from colour, thickness, shape to pattern. Be mindful that this is a characteristic of this material.


Always use protective heat coverings to protect against hot objects as the surface can be very delicate. Always use coasters when placing cups, bottles or glass on the surface. Any liquid spills should be wiped clean immediately using a clean cloth to avoid staining. Remove dirt and dust by wiping with a warm, damp cloth and avoid using cleaning products unless specified it is suitable. Never drag marble pieces as it can stress the frame or cause the piece to chip.


Stainless steel is an easy material to maintain.
To achieve maximum corrosion resistance the surface of the stainless steel must be kept clean. Do not use abrasive chemicals.Dust the surface regularly to avoid build-up of pollutants, which may cause the surface to rust. Only use a recognised brand of stainless-steel polish, if necessary. Avoid contact with sharp or hard objects, as this will cause scratching.
Whilst stainless steel does ‘stain less’,it is not stain or rust resistant so it is recommended to avoid excessive exposure to chemicals.
Light scratches or buff marks present on stainless steel furniture are natural to the finish of each piece.


To maintain glass or mirrored furniture pieces, always use appropriate glass/mirror cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Spray or apply only as required as excessive amounts may result in streaky residue being left behind on the item.

It is always recommended to use protective heat coverings, as it cannot tolerate greater temperatures from heated dishes, if possible, eliminate altogether. Always use coasters when placing anything on the surface of a glass product. Refrain from placing sharp or hard objects on glass as this will cause scratching; however, to protect the surface, apply felt to the underside of the item. Use great care when lifting glass or heavy mirrored furniture pieces as they can be fragile. Glue and unwanted residue can be removed by applying some Eucalyptus oil with a soft cloth.


Resin and Acrylic pieces are both synthetic materials, so they can scratch and mark easily. Avoid placing sharp objects on their surfaces. Certain solvents can damage Resin and Acrylic, so it is best to keep your furniture away from harsh chemicals. Use lukewarm water with a clean, soft cloth to wipe the surface down to clean your furniture. Once the surface has been appropriately cleaned, dry the surface by blotting with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid placing resin and acrylic pieces too close to a heat source.