5 Tips to Make Your Home A Cozy Winter Wonderland

Time to crack out the winter woolies because the cool weather has definitely arrived. And with more time spent at home than ever, your home should be a cozy retreat that’s comfy, warm and stamped with your own personality. “Cozy” can be interpreted differently by everyone.

That’s part of what makes it so great. It’s what makes you feel warm, joyous and at peace. It can be relaxing or invigorating. The backdrop to sleepy Saturdays, or inspired creativity. Whatever gets you through the cold spells! But no matter whether you prefer neutral Scandi hygge-style cozy or luxe jewel-toned opulence, the same five basic principles apply to create your dreamy winter den.

So regardless of what’s happening in the outside world, you can create a home (or even a corner of your home) that’s peaceful and heart-warming – and just for you.

1. Rearrange to make the most of your space

While social distancing guidelines are beginning to ease across the country, being able to stay snuggly and warm at home is always a good idea in the depths of winter.

The silver lining of spending far more time than usual at home is gaining an awareness of the opportunities your space can bring. Who would have known you could fit an office, a yoga studio and a Friday night Zoom bar all in the one space (previously known as your living room)?

Whether you’re buzzing to reclaim your rooms into single-purpose spaces again, or aiming to bring some calm while maintaining flexible use, having a designated home for everything is the key to keeping cozy and calm.

“Cozy” should feel warm and snug, not squished in. Make clever use of storage pieces like sideboards, entertainment units and coffee tables with drawers and avoid being overwhelmed with clutter. Meanwhile, shelves filled with books, thoughtful art prints and unique objets d’art bring major cozy library vibes.

Tip: short on storage space? Use elegant baskets or boxes on lower shelves for your collectables.

Arranging and rearranging homewares while in isolation is an idea worth exploring to maximise coziness in your space.

5 Tips to Make Your Home A Cozy Winter Wonderland

2. Layer soft furnishings

When it comes to cozy homewares for winter, is there anything more quintessential than soft furnishings? Throw rugs and cushions are basically a big hygge-hug from your lounge suite or bed.

Not to mention, it’s the fastest way to freshen up a space for the new season. In the cooler months, more is more when it comes to these home décor items. An elegant collection of pillows and blankets is like the secret grown up version of the blanket forts of childhood. When not snuggled into them, store your blankets by draping them over the back of your sofa, or stash them in a discreet stylish hamper.

With their pillow backs, our Carlisle sofas are the perfect canvas to layer cushions in a variety of colours and textures. Floor rugs, too, are a natural match for cozy winter moods. Layered over floorboards or wall-to-wall carpet, rugs add an extra layer of warmth insulation and absorb potentially echoey sounds.

5 Tips to Make Your Home A Cozy Winter Wonderland

3. Bring the colour

Whether you find soft pastels calming, or rich jewel tones warming to your soul, there’s no doubt that colour plays a major role in how you make your home cozy.

Finding opportunities for colour is a fun way to dial up the comfy-ness of your home. Look for wall art, high quality faux plants and soft furnishings for quick bursts of brightness – or make a statement with a bold sofa, occasional chair or ottoman.

A mix of faux and real plants is a good option for most living spaces. While you can’t deny the convenience of faux plants, real indoor plants not only bring colour variety, they also provide natural air filtration. This is especially important during the months where we don’t let as much fresh air in through the doors and windows.

5 Tips to Make Your Home A Cozy Winter Wonderland

4. Play around with texture

Use a variety of textures in your winter home décor to add interest to your space. Especially if your tastes err on minimalist, even an otherwise monochrome selection of materials and finishes creates depth (read: coziness).

Even when striving for coziness, too much relaxed softness can detract from your comfortable den, so opt for a combination of hard and soft. For example, velvet lounge suites like the Vogue are perfect for sitting and sipping (mulled wine and herbal teas alike).

Brass studding and button tufting add dimension that velvet alone doesn’t always show. When it comes to furniture, mix leather, timber, metal and fabric finishes to hit your personal cozy preference.

As for soft furnishings, look for blankets in a variety of weaves, cushions of different size and fabrics and curtains that let you control how much of the outside world you let in. Tapestries and fibre arts are a fantastic opportunity to bring cozy texture to your walls.

5 Tips to Make Your Home A Cozy Winter Wonderland

5. Find multiple sources of light

When it’s grey and blustery outside, building layers of light in your living space can add some serious cozy vibes to your homeware décor.

By mixing-and-matching different light sources (including ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps), you can play around with different lighting moods for different activities or times of day. Illuminate the whole room to lift your wintery spirits, or snuggle up in bed with a good book and the soft glow of a bedside lamp.

Bonus cozy points? Scatter clusters of candles around the room (being mindful of fire safety, of course). Arranged in front of a mirror, they will literally double the light they throw, while crystal candle holders can also catch and refract sunlight around your space during the day, for even more light play.

And remember:

Do what feels good! No matter what you decide, that ‘cozy feeling’ is all about feeling good and taking care of yourself this winter.