Around the world, Christmas is celebrated in various ways. Almost every country has its unique custom or tradition when celebrating this joyous season. Instead of hanging stockings in the fireplace or on walls, kids in Germany place shiny and polished shoes outside their doors hoping for der Nikolaus to leave them presents. Mexican families celebrate with overnight parties and take turns blindfolded as they try to hit a candy-filled pinata with seven sides meant to symbolize the sins we should find the courage to fight. Instead of the usual home-cooked feasts, the Japanese prefer ordering fast food or eating out at a restaurant. These traditions show that while the specifics may vary, The Christmas season always brings the spirit of togetherness, love and giving to everyone.

Gift giving and carrying out these traditions and customs requires a bit of planning and a whole lot of Christmas Shopping. Luckily this season brings with it a tidal wave of Christmas sales, making it easier to find the best family Christmas gift ideas for everyone. Like the different countries with different traditions, varying individuals also have their preferred style when it comes to their Christmas shopping. We have rounded up three different types of Christmas shoppers and several suggestions that could help in making your shopping for family furniture this Christmas a little bit easier.


The Traditionalist

Staying true to traditions is at the heart of every traditionalist. Kept safe in their lovely homes are boxes of goodies from past holiday seasons that make an appearance every year. Boxes filled with Holiday party outfits, Holiday decors, Holiday crafts and much more are used every year in keeping with their holiday traditions. That's not to say that traditionalists are reluctant to change, as they love finding different fresh takes on tried and true favourites. When they're not putting up decorations and ornaments, they usually check for the best Christmas sales on things that they can improve with their traditions. Listed below are a couple of Koala Living's suggestions that a Traditionalist may consider a new staple for their holidays:

The Callum Chair - This beautiful mink and brass coloured chair features an extra-plush and modern design that would look be a perfect companion in opening presents with the whole family.

Asteria Coffee Table - With its antique brass colours and ginkgo leaf-inspired design, The Asteria works well with almost any Christmas theme and should be a staple in your living rooms for years to come.

Misty River Floor Rug - With its monochromatic black and white colours, the Misty River Floor Rug gives your living areas a soft and stylish space for your holiday get-togethers.


The Next Level Party Planner

Sending friends home happy and putting their families in an affable mood sparks immeasurable joy for the Next Level Party Planner. They see opportunity in what most would see as an unenviable task of planning a great Holiday Party. They put great value in the experiences they craft and are constantly searching for the best Holiday party ideas like trendy Christmas home decor, Holiday appetizers, the best recipes for the Holiday feast and more. The Next Level Party Planner may force you to wear a Holiday Party Outfit, which may or may not be your style, but it's all in the spirit of good fun. Listed below are a couple of items from the Koala Living catalogue that might inspire a Next Level Party Planner to create a chic and modern Christmas Day party.


Calendula Floor Rug - The Calendula boasts a highly detailed foliage inspired motif that beautifully decorate the borders of an open-spaced medallion. Its faint white colours along with an antique-like faded design, echo french provincial sensibilities. The Calendula will take your Christmas party to the next level of luxury.

Titus Dining Table - Set your feasts and pastries on this beautiful marriage of stainless steel and tinted glass. The Titus Dining Table strays from the conventional, as it boasts a creative modern design that not only looks good but allows for more space on each side. Its shine will look fantastic when paired with the prized silverware reserved for special occasions.

Dione Chair - The Dione is a dining chair made with special occasions, like Christmas day, in mind. It's made with an elegant turquoise velvet fabric that is luxurious to the sight and touch, while its Medium Density Foam cushioning makes it supremely comfortable to lounge on. Having a set of these beautiful chairs for your next Christmas party will make everyone feel special.


The Self-Gifter

The self-gifter spends most of the year making the special people in their lives happy, so when the holidays come, they take the chance to pamper themselves with Holiday gifts and Holiday Self Care activities for another year well spent. Afternoon spa sessions, a trip to the beauty salon or quiet nights at home are possible activities for the Self-Gifter. They are also likely to order Holiday gift baskets for themselves and others. Listed below are items for the Self-Gifter to make their staycations at home a little more special.


Elliot Chair - A contemporary chair made with sumptuous soft pile velvet is the perfect comfort companion for the Self-Gifter and their Holiday pampering sessions. The Elliot provides enough space to squat in and tremendously soft cushions that amplifies the feeling of relaxation.

Primo Bar cart - The Primo Bar cart is a luxurious gold-coloured bar cart with a slim design that is lightweight that gives you the option to take your comfort with you anywhere in your home. It has enough space for a Self-Gifter's bar or decorative needs.

Lychee Tea Candle - There is nothing better than the ambience and feel of candlelight Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. Koala Living's brand of Scented candles comes with a gorgeous tabletop candle holder that will surely be a hit with the Self-Gifter.

So there you have it! Three different types of Christmas Shoppers. Did you find yourself relating to one? Or maybe multiple types? It doesn't really matter what Christmas Shopper archetype you identify with; Koala Living will always have you covered for your Christmas Family Furniture needs. We wish you a very Merry Christmas from our humble family to yours.