Now that many states across Australia are starting to enter their second coronavirus lockdown, we’ve all noticed that things are a bit different this time around. We’re all a lot more aware that isolation at home really is the new normal – for the time being at least – and the road back may be long and winding.

What this means is that if you haven’t already begun to make your home a comfortable, positive sanctuary, there really is no time like the present. If you’re looking for isolation at home activities, decluttering and redecorating your home is one that will spark happiness and bring comfort in a challenging time.

How to Make a Positive Home During Lockdown

Create a healing environment

While sheltering in place works by lowering your chances of getting sick, your soul might have taken a battering in the last six months. Media coverage is unrelenting, so even when you’re safe at home, it can feel hard to escape the negativity.

So creating a healing environment at home can help to uplift your mood and keep the blues from creeping in.

You might like to incorporate specific positive energy objects into your space. Some ideas to explore are:

  • Beautiful crystals – smoky quartz is used for protection and energy clearing, while rose quartz helps to create a loving atmosphere (and even if you are skeptical about the efficacy of crystals, there is no denying they can be beautiful decor)
  • Cosy furnishings like soft velvet cushions or lush throw rugs
  • Ginkgo leaves , which are often associated with health, longevity and hope
  • Ornaments or art pieces that resonate with you and make you smile
  • Houseplants or fresh flowers.

It’s also a good idea to freshen the air in your house daily – either by opening the windows for a few minutes (yes, even on a chilly Melbourne winter day!) or running an air purifier. Additionally, scent can play a big role in creating a positive space, so light quality candles or incense to help lift your mood.

Work hard (at work-life balance)

When so many of us began working from home at the start of the pandemic, we were hopeful it would be a temporary set up… a laptop on a shoebox at the end of the dining table was an okay stopgap solution. Now there’s no denying that as many of us as possible should get used to working from home, maybe indefinitely. That means prioritising a home office setup that helps you do your best work – and avoid fatigue and muscle pain.

Stop putting it off… if you haven’t already assessed your workstation, now’s the time to invest in a desk and comfortable chair. The Dynasty Desk is a sleek and unobtrusive beauty, while the Newton Desk is perfect for setting up a desktop computer and having everything you need at your fingertips.

How to Make a Positive Home During Lockdown

Laptop users should think about using an external keyboard and mouse so you can adjust the height of your screen to eye level.

If possible, set up your home office desk in a room with a door – a currently underused guest room is perfect. At the end of the day, leave your office, shut it and don’t let your workday become your whole day. Being able to see your workspace while you’re relaxing – or worse, trying to sleep! – is not ideal.

That said, if you’re short on space and have no option but to work in your living space, use a dedicated side table with drawers to house your “office” in your off-hours. Keeping all your work things in one place that you can shut away can likewise be a symbolic shift to the end of your workday.

When it comes to working from home tips, one of the most valuable is to add a commute to your day. Off the bat, it sounds counterintuitive, but a five minute walk around your block at the start and end of the day can be a clever trick to help get in the right headspace.

Bring some silver screen glamour to the living room

Hands up, who’s missing a night out with dinner and a movie (and a cocktail or three)?

This lockdown, level-up your movie nights for a fun isolation activity. Order in from your favourite local restaurant, pour your drink of choice and enjoy a night in at the movies.

If your lounge room isn’t currently at its best for movie marathons, it might be time to look into a new entertainment unit or stylish sofa. But for the truly dedicated movie buffs among us, don’t stop there. If you love movies but don’t love the look of a big TV in your space, consider a projector and retractable screen instead of a traditional set up.

And for all you “What else is that actor in?” mid-movie-Googlers, you must check out our Ambrose recliner sofas. With built-in USB charging ports, you no longer have to decide between a charged phone and an uninterrupted movie.

How to Make a Positive Home During Lockdown

Light up your life

“New space, who dis?” That can be you with just a few quick changes to lighting in your home. There are many benefits of good lighting, including:

  • making a small space appear larger and more open
  • helping you feel more productive in work spaces
  • setting a cosy mood in leisure or sleep spaces
  • making a space feel even cleaner and brighter.

When it comes to changing the lighting in your home, it’s not just about switching out light fixtures or lamps. Well-placed mirrors will reflect light and make your space feel bigger too.

How to Make a Positive Home During Lockdown

Make space to move your body

A positive home is one where you feel at peace. But if your mind is racing a mile a minute, your serene surroundings can still only contribute so much. If this sounds like you, it might be time to add some yoga at home to your routine.

If you’re an old-hand at yoga, you can choose any space you like for your yoga practice. If you’re a newbie, you’ll probably want to follow a video program (or Zoom class!) to get the most benefit. For the latter, you’ll need to create space where you can see your screen of choice – TV, laptop or tablet – as well as lay your yoga mat.

There are benefits to yoga no matter where you practice, but if you’re regularly hitting the yoga mat at home, you should make sure you have a comfortable and deliberate space. It’s easier to stretch and meditate at home when you’re not worried about bumping your head on the coffee table. It’s okay to rearrange your furniture to suit your lockdown lifestyle, and again on the other side.