After an unbelievably tough year, there’s a lot of renewed optimism in the air these days. Knowing that stunning weather – and being able to make the most of it with friends and family – is just beginning, is enough to get anyone excited. But with months and months of having your doors shut to guests, now is not only the time to spring clean, but to also breathe new life into your space. It’s like your home (and social life) can now wake up from a wintry hibernation. And now? It’s time to bloom!


Explore coastal style

We could all do with a tropical holiday right about now – though international getaways will have to wait a little while longer. In the meantime, evoking a coastal or tropical style can be a fun way to refresh your home. As they say, a change is as good as…

One way to bring the beach house to your house is through woven styles. Rattan, wicker and cane furniture add a relaxed style both indoors and outdoors.

The Juno Outdoor Setting is the perfect addition to an outdoor space. A dark, UV-resistant and waterproof wicker style, the Juno Wicker Single Seater and Wicker Coffee Table strike the balance between a light and relaxing wicker style, while having more substance than traditional outdoor furniture.

Best of all: measuring over two metres, the Juno Wicker 3 Seater is long enough to double as an outdoor daybed (see below for why daybeds are the hot ticket item in the coming season).

Dark but detailed wooden furniture also conjures a tropical vibe. Look for the Rafiki Dining Cabinet in Mango Wood, the Herringbone Design Bedside Cabinet (not just for bedsides!) or the Regina Side Table for moody but practical pieces. Make a statement with Carved Flora Wall Panels.


Make spaces for day naps and downtime

Experts suggest that feelings of overwhelm and anxiety may be more common as we emerge from months and months of strict social distancing. A thoughtful host will create quiet spots for guests to enjoy a quick minute of downtime as needed, before rejoining the group.

A daybed, recliner or inviting couch that doubles as a reading nook is perfect for this, because it also makes an enjoyable space for you the rest of the time. It’s also ideal for a cheeky day nap, after spending time in the sun (or overindulging!). Indoor or outdoor, a daybed should still look great while offering Goldilocks-level comfort.

The Dublin Leather Lounge Chair is ideal for a solitary moment, with a shape that hugs as you rest. The Noble Sofa is also shaped for relaxation – its curved armrests make for a very comfortable pillow when needed.

If “daybed” makes you think “fainting couch” (in a good way), you cannot go past the Florence Sofa for dramatic, dreamy vibes.

When looking to dress a daybed, a small selection of cushions and a light throw rug are the perfect additions. You want enough to be inviting, but not too many pieces that will deter you and your guests from taking a moment.

Embrace colour

The days of low contrast everything are fading away, and in their place? Unmistakable and confident pops of colour. More than pops, in fact – bold layers with lots of character. This spring is the time to introduce more vibrancy in your home.

We love a rich velvet sofa to add a dramatic swathe of colour. The Manuel, the Vogue, the Hunter… there truly is a velvet couch to suit every home style.

But we understand that some will need to work their way up to more and more colour. If this is you, look for statement cushions like the Leaf Leather Cushion or mix’n’match Remi cushions. Brighten your walls with bold art pieces like our Kaleidoscope or Spectrum paintings.


Go maximalist with florals

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking…

Maybe so, but going almost overboard with cut flowers and houseplants on a mantlepiece, shelf or sideboard is a refreshing take for Spring 2020. Like mixing clashing patterns to make a statement outfit that somehow works, try assembling a selection of bouquets and potted plants in different colours, textures and heights. Try for real greenhouse vibes.

Add even more visual interest by using assorted vases. Play with size by pairing matching styles like the Small Veronica Vase and the Large Veronica Vase, or choose a truly eclectic range.

A botanical installation needn’t be a lot of maintenance though. Our faux Monstera and Philodendron are striking and realistic – excellent for adding greenery throughout your home. Faux flowers also have the benefit of not creating an overwhelming scent when used so liberally!

Still not enough florals for you? We like your style. Finish the look with our Full Bloom Painting and a Ginkgo Shadow Box.

No matter how you opt to refresh your space this spring, our team is on hand to help you perfect your look. Book an online consultation today, or join us at one of our showrooms.