Office life has changed so much in the last year and with many of us still working from home, the struggle to stay organised and be productive is real. One of the things that can help (or hinder) how we do our best work is our space – having the right desk, chair and equipment handy is key to crossing off those to dos.

To kickstart your creative juices, we’ve scrolled the Internet for some of the best home and work office ideas. Don’t worry – we know you’re super busy already, so the tips and advice we’ve assembled won’t eat into your schedule too much!


Home office organisation ideas

The line between work and home is most definitely blurred. So whether you’re working from home by choice or not, it’s important you create a space that not only supports you to get the job done, but also allows you to switch off at the end of the day.

Opt for a tech-optimised desk

Let’s face it, technology has become the king of work life. So much so that we rely on chargers, USB cords, chargers and more to make it through the day. To save you any hassle, look for a desk that has all of your tech needs built in. From custom keyboard trays that pull out, to a monitor organiser, it’s easier to stay organised when you’ve got the right tools.

Invest in a set of drawers

Having a place to store all of your papers, stationery and files is essential when you’re working from home. The Nature Line Desk is a good option if you’re looking for a clean design with functional drawers where ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is the mantra – just make sure you don’t use the drawers to hide your mess!

Install floating shelves

A great space saving device for small rooms, floating shelves can be affixed to the wall in front of your desk. Store books, papers or folders and free up your desk for work so you can get in the zone.

Alternatively, if you have the space, a set of free-standing shelves can be useful. The Tracks Shelf offers a minimal, clear aesthetic coupled with ample space for all of your books, files and trinkets.

Add an ‘old school’ clock

Not only will a clock keep you on track, it can also add to your overall aesthetic or mood. For inspiration, we’ve got a wide range of clocks, including vintage wall clocks and freestanding ones for your desk.


Work office organisation ideas

When you get to the office, you might not have much creative freedom to change things like desk layout or decor. However, you can tidy up and optimise your own office desk to adapt it to how you work on a daily basis. Here are a few tips and tricks you might like to try.

Get labeling!

Don’t have a label maker? It might be a good time to get one. This tip extends beyond your office desk – take the time to label frequently used cupboards to save people stopping by to ask you ‘where’s the printer paper?’ dozens of times a day. Staying organised is easier when you have a system, so you can even take your love of labelling and apply it to everything.

Take a look at your computer drive – are your folders labelled in a way that makes information easy to find? What about the office kitchen, could it do with a bit of TLC? These small steps can help to save you big headaches in the long run.

Hide wires and cords

When your space is cluttered, it can make your mind feel cluttered. When you remove visual distractions from the workspace, it has a handy side effect of lowering your stress levels, too. Use cord clips to hide any rogue cords behind your desk and attach bulldog clips to the edge of your desk to keep charging cables close by.

Utilise the walls

Much like the floating shelves we mentioned earlier, take advantage of wall space to help you get organised. You could install a peg board to hang stationery from, rather than hiding it in a drawer. Or, if your office space is sorely lacking in personality, consider choosing a few pieces of wall art to hang. It might help to make your office feel a little more like home.

Repurpose old boxes

If your office gets inundated with boxes on the regular like ours does, start reusing those boxes at your desk. Pick one that you like (and isn’t totally beaten up) and pop it under your monitor – great for your neck and back, plus good for the environment.


How to organise a small business home office

When you run a small business, chances are you wear a LOT of hats. You’ll likely need to be involved in every part of your business so you need to be organised in order to cross all those Ts and dot every I.

It can be helpful to create ‘zones’ in your home office for all of the different tasks. A drawer dedicated to finances, for example, can help keep everything in one place. You might also consider using project management software to stay on top of your client work, leads and admin tasks.

Make your home or office your own at Koala Living

Whether you’re after home decor to brighten things up or office furniture to create your dream space, we’ve got you covered. When you spend a little time getting organised, you’ll be surprised by just how much you’ll be able to get done.