The romantic holiday is finally here, and love is definitely in the air! Valentine’s Day gives you a reason to go out of your way to celebrate the special relationships, and what better way to spend it than with someone you love, in the comfort of your own home?

As billions of cards and gifts exchange hands the world over, don’t forget that your house could do with a little extra love. Adding a hint of romance with some Valentine’s Day decor can instantly wipe off the gloomy look from your house or better yet, kick a romantic evening a few notches higher.

At Koala Living, we’ve got you covered; we’ve compiled some interior Valentine’s Day themes and ideas for your home.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Home

Different Valentine’s Day themes may call for some specialised decor. However, styling your home using the following ideas will set the mood in your home and romantic appeal for a great celebration.

Pink Accents

Valentine’s Day is about femininity, warmth, love and romance. For interiors, think snuggling up, comfort and indulgence. Add some romance to your room by adding some blush touches.

A dusty pink Remi Velvet Cushion is a subtle yet impactful Valentines interior touch! Or taking it up a notch with a pink contemporary chair to make a Valentine’s Day statement? One of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for home, the velvet Cynthia chair creates a warm, feminine and romantic aura in your living room.

It’s about bringing a touch of femininity, ‘cute-living’ and romance into the home. Bring this to life by incorporating pink accents into your home. This is easily done by buying pink roses for the occasion, or by accessorising your home with pink accents that can be found in cushions and occasional chairs.

Chances are that you will spend some part of your Valentine’s Day celebration savouring a glass of something special. The pink Winston Bar Stools are a classy piece, blending comfort and style with the pop of pink, making them perfect to share a drink with the one you love on Valentine’s Day.

Ways to Style your Home for Valentine's DayWays to Style your Home for Valentine's Day

Roses and Candles

How about adding some delicate florals to create a relaxing yet romantic atmosphere? Centrepieces for your dining and coffee tables or even kitchen benchtop, flowers are an integral part of Valentine’s Day decor. Fresh roses will brighten your mood and give your home environment a romantic allure just perfect for the day. Red, white and pink roses fit right in.

With vases of different sizes, display the blooms on your kitchen counter, coffee table or dining table. To increase the visual appeal, decorate the vases with bright and warm colours.

The romantic scene is also not complete without the scent, warmth, and flickering glow of luxurious candles. Create the perfect ambience, as a candlelight is just the perfect setting for an intimate and moody environment.

Whether it be the dining area, living room setting bedroom, be sure to burn some favourite candles!

Ways to Style your Home for Valentine's Day

Sparkling Rose

There’s no better way to complement your pink Valentine’s Day decor than by sipping away some pink champagne also being synonymous with special celebrations.

Did you know that sparkling wine is said to improve women’s beauty and men’s wit? Well...that’s one more reason to pour another glass of pink champagne for your valentine!

Ways to Style your Home for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Themes

Fall in love with your home this Valentine’s Day and create a cosy night in for you and your loved ones. Follow some of our Valentine’s Day interior themes that we have put together to help you style your house!

Pink Hues

Pink shades create a feminine, dreamy and charming ambience. With something pink for each of your focus areas, you can create a subtle yet romantically rich atmosphere.

Dusty pink bar stools are the perfect combination amidst a bouquet of pink blooms for a Valentine’s night in! Blush pinks and other neutrals form a beautiful alternative colour scheme to traditional red and bubble gum pink for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t overdo the theme though, instead of getting pink furniture, throw in a pink soft-to-touch cushion instead and even place a pink occasional chair to create beautiful pops of pink in your living room.

Ways to Style your Home for Valentine's Day

Colour Blocking

It doesn’t have to be all-pink; combining your pink Valentine’s Day theme with another contrasting colour is not only trendy but can help blend the feminine charm with some masculinity. Great examples are blue and burgundy, with blue taking the bigger share of disparity against pink.

The contrast created by combining a pink occasional chair with a blue sofa gives your home just the right hint of a romantic feel for the special day. Accentuate this with other pink hues, say a soft pink throw and a pink floral arrangement, and the ‘seriousness’ of blue suddenly becomes more leisurely and inviting.

Ways to Style your Home for Valentine's Day

Hints of Red

Red is bold, and so is love. This is why the colour is associated with love, passion and romance. These qualities make red the most popular colour for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some people will, however, will avoid going with a bold all-red theme.

You don’t have to completely miss out on the colour of passion though; you can have the best of both worlds. Incorporate hints of red such as rose petals, red candles, or a red accent chair like the Grenache chair.

Dusty pink and burgundy tones will complement each-other and blend well with most colour palettes to add depth. Don’t be afraid to layer up multiple tone and textures for a richer result.

Ways to Style your Home for Valentine's Day

The Take-Away

Armed with the above Valentine’s Day styling ideas and your theme of choice, you are just moments away from enjoying a great and romantic Valentine’s Day in a perfectly styled home for the occasion. All you need to do now is to dim the lights to allow the candles to do their magic and enjoy the atmosphere you have created with the one you love!,

Ways to Style your Home for Valentine's Day