Northland Homemaker Centre

Northland Homemaker Centre

Discover an artful shopping experience at Koala Living Preston Gallery, a beacon among furniture stores in Preston and Northland, where music and elegance transform selecting furniture into an immersive journey of design and sophistication.

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Shop 10A/19-33 Murray Rd, Preston, VIC, 3072

Phone : 1300-331-566
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Sunday:10:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Monday:09:30 AM - 17:30 PM
Tuesday:09:30 AM - 17:30 PM
Wednesday:09:30 AM - 17:30 PM
Thursday:09:30 AM - 17:30 PM
Friday:09:30 AM - 17:30 PM
Saturday:09:00 AM - 17:00 PM

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This extraordinary gallery is strategically located within the bustling Preston Homemaker Centre, adjacent to prominent retailers like Fantastic Furniture and The Good Guys. Ample free parking within the centre ensures that your visit is hassle-free from the moment you arrive.

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Koala Living's Northland Homemaker Centre

At the Koala Living Preston Gallery, nestled within the vibrant heart of furniture stores in Preston, the shopping experience is elevated to an art form, where music plays a pivotal role in defining the ambiance. Our carefully curated playlists resonate through the gallery, harmonising with the elegance of the furniture and the overall aesthetics of the space, making us a standout among Northland furniture stores. Each note and melody is meticulously selected to enhance the mood, transforming the act of selecting furniture from our range into an immersive experience.Here, amidst the symphony of sounds and sights, you're invited to explore our exquisite collection of sofas, beds, dining tables, and more. For those looking to make a day of it, the Homemaker Centre doesn't disappoint. Although the centre itself features McDonald's as its main eatery, it's just a stone's throw away from the Northland Shopping Centre.

Northland Homemaker Centre Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! While we don't offer a pay-and-carry option, selecting and ordering your favourite pieces at any Koala Living Gallery is effortless. Once you've made your choice, we'll manage the delivery, ensuring your new furniture arrives directly at your doorstep.

Yes! We offer free parking at our gallery location.

Yes, the Gallery is fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all of our guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Absolutely! Join our Luxe Membership and enjoy a 50% discount on all purchases, whether you shop in our galleries or online. This exclusive membership offers incredible savings and enhances your shopping experience.

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