Anita Honey Acacia Wood Bar Counter


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The Anita Bar Counter not only looks great but has all the bells and whistles needed to keep the wine flowing and the conversations going. Filling your senses is a gorgeous motif that showcases an awe-inspiring collection of geometric wonder. The beauty of the geometry is further amplified with its antique gold colours, giving Anita an almost sanctified look; Echoing the beauty of relics.

The Material used to create this special piece is solid acacia wood, crafted to perfection and chosen for its myriad of natural qualities. The Main bar counter features a four sectioned panel to place your bar spoons, shakers and more at arm's reach. A spacious working section is also present, giving you enough space to concoct your recipes with relative ease.

It is important to store wine properly to get the most out of its aged spirits. Wine Bottles need to be stored horizontally and protected from vibrations and light. Luckily, The Anita Bar Counter includes a well crafted and beautiful horizontal wine rack; Giving them the proper storage conditions and easy accessibility when needed.

Giving you more options for curation, The Anita Bar Counter also features a spacious two-door cabinet which will be a perfect home for your extra shakers, ingredients and more. With its many features and elegant combination of oak and gold colours, The Anita Bar Counter is ready for you to serve a great party at home.

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