Sloane Polished Gold Metal Side Table


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The Sloane Polished Gold Metal Side Table stands as a testament to sophisticated design and artistic expression in furniture. It captivates at first glance with its stunning balance of form and function, an embodiment of modern elegance. The table's circular top, crafted from elegant black granite, offers a myriad of uses, from showcasing decorative items to being a chic resting place for your evening drinks. Its mere presence in a room elevates the space with a touch of class. This table's unique charm is amplified by its structural design.

A slender bar, finished in polished gold, extends gracefully from the tabletop to the base, creating a striking contrast against the dark granite. This golden bar rests atop a circular ring, also in polished gold, which is hollow in the middle. This innovative design choice not only adds an element of architectural intrigue but also imparts a sense of lightness and modernity to the piece. Completing this exquisite design is the base – a square of robust black marble, which contrasts beautifully with the shimmering gold of the ring and bar. This solid foundation anchors the airy design, providing a visual and physical balance.

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