Suzani Floor Rug - Medium 200cm x 300cm


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The Suzani Floor Rug is an exquisite tapestry that weaves together the tranquility of calming colors with the intricate motifs of traditional Persian rugs. At its heart lies a central star-like medallion, a radiant symbol reminiscent of an astral body in the quiet night sky. This medallion is lovingly enveloped by borders that are nothing short of artistic mastery, featuring patterns that speak to the heritage and craftsmanship of classic rug making.

This rug is a sanctuary of design, where every hue and every curve has been thoughtfully placed to mimic the serene embrace of the twilight heavens. The shadows that dance around the central motif are like whispers of the sky at dusk, bringing with them a sense of peace and a promise of the coming night's rest.

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