I think it goes without saying that the events of the past year have forced us to stay indoors more than ever before. Multiple lockdowns and working from home has had us glued to our sofas for the better part of the year. It didn’t really matter if we were click-clacking away at our keyboards or streaming movies with our loved ones; We could always count on our trusty sofa to be our comfort buddy during these uncertain times.

Now it wouldn’t be too out there to suggest that during all that living in, we may have spilled some beverages, popcorn, chocolates, chips, coffee, biscuits, paprika and more on our gorgeous comfort buddies; which may have made them dusty, dirty and smelly. All these foreign particles can accumulate to damage the fabric and materials of your couch, which in turn can lessen its lifespan.

Couch cleaning or upholstery cleaning certainly goes a long way to keep our sofas as tidy and as usable as possible. So don’t worry about searching for How to clean a couch or How to get stains out of fabric couch online; we have some helpful tips to turn your dirty and dusty buddies into comfort buddies for life!

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Removing Stains And Other Undesirables For Fabric Sofas

Giving your sofa a makeover with dashings of ink, blotches of ketchup and spilled drinks doesn’t do well for its longevity. Keeping your sofa stain free not only makes it look more appealing, but also will increase its projected longevity in the process. So here is a little guide on how to clean your fabric sofa to get rid of stains and other undesirables.

Before rolling up your sleeves for some deep sofa cleaning, here are a couple of things that you need to make the magic happen.

  • Box of Baking Soda w/table spoon - The amount that you need would depend on how big your couch/sofa is.
  • Microfibre Cloth - Your handy dish rag won’t get the job done, as we’re going to need all the absorbent power of the microfibre cloth.
  • Vacuum Cleaner - Great responsibilities need great power.
  • Cleaning Solution - Any of the popular brands will do just fine.
  • Cleaning Gloves - No specific colour recommended.

Now that we have gathered the materials needed let's move forward to the step-by-step.

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  • 1. Grab a spoonful of baking soda and spread it around the entire surface area of your sofa. From the arms to the seat and backrests, be sure to apply enough but not too much. Also, be sure to put a little extra on the sofa seat as it has been proven to house more foreign particles compared to the rest.
  • 2. It’s time to grab a book or your phone as you need to let the baking soda do its magic and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.
  • 3. Attach your favourite brush nozzle on your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the baking soda thoroughly from your couch.
  • 4. It’s time to put the cleaning gloves on as you need to spray and dab your way to an extra clean and pristine couch. Spray cleaning solution on every inch of your sofa, including the back area. Be sure to gently dab and not rub with your microfibre cloth as you go.
  • 5. Let the solution dry and voila, did you just buy a new couch?

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How To Clean Your Leather Couch

Leather is a material that is almost always synonymous with luxury; Aside from its luxurious looks, one of its best selling points is that it’s easy to clean. Ink, dust and other particles could still accumulate on your leather sofa over time that could lead the leather to look weathered and old, even sooner than expected. This is why your easy-to-clean leather sofa needs a deeper clean from time to time. Here are a couple of items that you need to deep clean your leather couch.

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Saddle Soap
  • Bucket of water
  • Two Microfibre Cloths

Once you’ve gathered all that, it’s time to start deep cleaning.

  • 1. Attach your favourite nozzle to vacuum any visible unwantables from the leather Sofa. Be sure to include those tight corners, as they might be housing pockets of dirt inside.
  • 2. Scrub Saddle Soap with a microfibre cloth to your leather sofa, until an area is thoroughly clean and rinse it off with a separate damp cloth. Rinse and repeat this process until every inch of your leather sofa has been cared for.
  • 3. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes.

Getting Rid Of Dirt

Households with four-legged friends are no strangers to having dirt on the sofa. Dirt along with other particles like dead skin and micro-dust are not easily visible but can accumulate to turn your sofa into a dusty monstrosity if left unchecked. We recommend that you vacuum your sofa at least once a week or whenever an accumulation of dirt/debris is visible.

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Tips For Maintenance

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure; This also rings true when it comes to sofa cleaning at home. Here are a handful of maintenance tips that have been proven to help prolong your sofa’s lifespan.

  • Stain Protection - You don’t need to worry too much about stains if you apply the appropriate protection to your sofas at least once a year. Guardsman has a terrific collection of products to safeguard both fabric sofas and leather sofas.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight - The Sun’s UV rays can unknowingly do damage to your furniture. Causing your fabric or leather sofas to get faded over time. It is best to invest in curtains to protect them from these harmful rays; Or rearrange them to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Flip Seat Cushions - Most sofa seat cushions, like our fabric sofas, are equally beautiful on both sides, which is why it is a great idea to flip them regularly to avoid them from being worn down sooner.

Get Started On Your Couch Cleaning Today

It has been said that cleaning is a habit and not a project, so why not start today? Have your kids help out with the sofa cleaning and make it a weekly cleaning habit for the whole family. But if upholstery cleaning or couch cleaning is not the answer, Koala Living is always here with brand new leather sofas and fabric sofas, along with other exciting pieces of furniture that will surely breathe new life to your home. Please come and visit us in one of our many showrooms located all over Australia. Be sure to check out our other Blogs, for other helpful tips and stylish guides.