Whether you’re an interior designer or just someone who loves making a space look beautiful, you’ve likely already heard of the ‘golden ratio’. But did you know it can be applied to help you get the most out of your home decor?

Now before your eyes glaze over, no, this isn’t going to be a lesson in high school math. The golden ratio is a tool that you can use to style any space according to a universally recurring law of nature. Intrigued? Let’s take a look at this spectacular concept and how it might just change the way you look at furniture forever.


What is the golden ratio?

Found in a remarkable number of places in nature, the Golden Ratio is a mathematical sequence (a ratio of 1:1.61, to be exact). It has been found in seashells, proportions of the human body, storm clouds and is even the shape of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

You may also know about another concept closely related to the golden ratio called the Fibonacci sequence, which offers that each number in the sequence is the product of the two before it. You can use the golden ratio in combination with the Fibonacci sequence to form the golden spiral (see image below) which is another tool designers use to create balance in logos and layouts.


The ancient Greeks and Romans used the golden ratio as an architectural formula and it’s believed to make things appear more aesthetically pleasing. For similar reasons, interior designers are taught to use it in their work so having an understanding of how to use the golden ratio can help you get better at decorating your own spaces in new and beautiful ways.

The golden ratio in furniture design

When it comes to creating the furniture you know and love, many makers use the golden ratio. It’s useful for determining the relationship between the height and width of a piece. Choose the desired width and multiply it by .618 and voila – you’ll find balance.

Alternatively you can also use any two adjacent numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and you’ll find that they closely match the golden ratio.

Understand the room proportions you’re working with

If you’re looking to place furniture in a room at home, start by knowing the proportions of the room before you go down the path of applying the golden ratio. You don’t have to whip out the tape measure either: use a ratio of 2:3.

Divide the room into one large area that’s approximately two thirds of the space and place the main furniture pieces there. Then, use the remaining third for extra seating or storage.

Make your own golden ratio design template

To make your very own template using the golden ratio, take an A4 piece of paper and split the page up into one third and two thirds across the width. Then, do the same to the rectangle on the left (see the image below). Continue to split the rectangles in the same way and you’ll see that this template mirrors the golden spiral.


You can use this template to map out any room to include rugs, couches, beds, plants, tables and more! It can also prevent you from endlessly shifting furniture around the space and give you the beautiful results you’re chasing.

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