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Drawing inspiration from the geometric form of a cube, our aim with this collection was to evoke a sense of strength and resilience through unified monolithic blocks. These designs not only exude a robust character but are indeed structurally robust. Travertine, the chosen material, is renowned for its durability and practicality, embodying the essence of Roman architecture and history. Its natural and earthy tones, along with its textured appeal, add depth to its allure. Crafted by Bianca Armenion, The Monolith collection features a dining table, coffee table, and side table available in natural cream and silver grey colorways with brass finishes. This timeless collection epitomizes the slow furniture movement, offering enduring appeal that we hope you'll cherish.

The Monolith Natural Cream Travertine Dining Table embodies the timeless charm and importance of travertine stone, its design merging natural elegance with architectural robustness. This dining table, featuring a broad tabletop, comfortably accommodates up to eight individuals, serving as an ideal hub for family dinners, social gatherings, and elegant events. The travertine's natural cream palette infuses the dining area with a sense of nature's peace, creating a tranquil atmosphere that blends seamlessly with a variety of interior styles.

The table's strong rectangular shape is supported by hefty travertine legs, ensuring steadiness while reinforcing its monolithic appearance. The inherent allure of travertine, characterized by its unique patterns and textures, ensures that each table is one of a kind, bringing a personal touch to any dining space. The use of travertine in the Monolith Dining Table imbues the piece with a historical resonance, connecting the modern dining room to the opulence and permanence of ancient structures.