For the young ones, Halloween is almost always synonymous with candy. It's that time of year where they get to run around the neighbourhood, dressed up as their favourite popular character, to go on a quest for these sweet goodies. Where's the fun for the grown-ups? You may ask. Well, the best way to get the ol' heart rate up is not through exercise but with a scary movie.

That first part might have been made up, but what's not made up is that a scary movie is best experienced with others. (Having someone else around helps with the jump scares too). So leave the trick or treating to the young 'uns and have some terrifying fun at home with the ultimate Halloween 2021 Watch Party.


A Halloween Watch Party, just like any party, needs a bit of planning to execute correctly. So here are some helpful tips to get the most out of those jumpscares:

Comfortably Scary!

You'll want to make your guests feel safe and comfortable before you can decently scare them, so having the right furniture in the living room is paramount. Your hand-me-down sofa may prove to be spooky in all the wrong ways. You wouldn't want them to commend you with the scary dust inspired sofa seats, now would we? What would be perfect is a comfortable sofa with a classic look, which gives off a spooky Hotel vibe. Might we suggest the Russel Sofa? or you can go out-of-this-world Aliens kind of spooky with the Alfie Chair. Once they take a seat, they will feel the difference. You'll even hear it in their screams too. 

Spine-Chilling Atmosphere!

When we say chilling, we don't mean the AC. Lighting goes a long way in setting the proper mood for your Halloween Watch Party. You won't get the most out of your scary movie with the lights on; And believe me when I say that it could prove to be too frightening in the dark as well, so you wouldn't want them all turned off either. You could go with A Jack-O-Lantern, a tried and true, albeit customary, Halloween Staple. Another good option would be to grab a set of twinkle lights and cover them with ghostly apparitions made from cloth or paper. We also suggest our Gothic Castle Lantern or the hair raising Standing Lantern that will undoubtedly set a spine-chilling atmosphere that your guests will appreciate or be afraid of, to be honest.


Spooky Decors!

If a party doesn't have decorations, is it even a party at all? Having your guests greeted with blank walls and zero decorations could shatter the whole Halloween vibe. A simple Halloween backdrop with ghosts and otherworldly images could make for a great photo op. A few decorative bats and cobwebs scattered along the walls could look terrifyingly terrific. Or you could go over the top with decorative Skulls and Ravens placed on a beautiful dining cabinet like our Rafiki or a side table like our Phoebe. Putting effort into decorating will go a long way in immersing your guests into the theme and having them shaking in their boots. 

Creepy Treats!

All those scary movies will most definitely make your guests hungry, so why not fill their bellies with creepy treats from beyond? So it's best to prep some food on your beautiful living room table or a coffee table, like our Iris, and have them ready for your scared and hungry companions. If you can bake, making Gingerbread ghosts or a Pizza with onions and olives as eyeballs could be a good choice. If baking isn't an option, you could try making black Spaghetti with meatballs on some red sauce. A box of Halloween Donuts never fails as well.

How about some classic Halloween movies? Here are some of our suggestions.

1. As a Halloween fanatic, for me Halloween 2021 screams Michael Myers - Halloween series

2. Scream

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street. Sweet Dreams!

4. Friday the 13th

5. Labyrinth

6. Hocus Pocus

7. The Addams Family

8. Get Out

9. Paranormal Activity

10. Halloweentown

11. Us

12.  The Conjuring

13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

14. The Ring

15.  IT

16. Beetlejuice

17. The Shining

18. The Invisible Man

19. The Scary Movie series, on a lighter note

20. The Nightmare Before Christmas

These are just a couple of helpful tips to make your Halloween Watch Party spooktacular! So if you're ever in need of some more helpful blogs, guides and furniture selections, please check out our website at