Russell Vintage Tan Leather 3-Seater Sofa


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Diamond Tufting decorates the Russell's backrests creating a truly classy and luxurious look.

Two rows of fashionable brass coloured studs run along the sides and back, further accentuating the luxurious aesthetic.

Two sizeable plush and comfortable cushions provide comfort.

Premium quality leather drapes the Russel in a striking display of classic colours.

The Russell is a luxe reimagining of the classic Tuxedo Sofa Design with features that transcends its inspirations to add a luxe and professional aesthetic to your home.

Product Details

The Russel is a luxe reimagining of the classic Tuxedo Sofa Design. The Russel Sofa is adeptly upholstered with premium quality leather and has been fashioned with details that equally maximizes both style and comfort. Diamond Tufting exquisitely line the sofa's backrests to create a truly classy and luxurious look, while two plush and highly durable cushions make up the seating area and facilitate an exceedingly comfortable lounging experience. The piece also features a button studded outline that runs throughout the frame adding to its striking look and luxurious aesthetic. The Russel Vintage Tan Sofa is a flexible piece that goes well with almost any interior decor theme.