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Dawa Side Table Gold


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The Dawa Side Table is an exceptional piece that redefines the concept of a side table, adding a unique and stylish twist to this versatile furniture staple. Side tables are traditionally known for their functionality, often used to hold lamps, books, or drinks, but the Dawa Side Table elevates this everyday item into a statement piece of art.

The most striking feature of the Dawa Side Table is its bulbous structure, which is both visually appealing and architecturally interesting. At the heart of this design is a circular glass tabletop that provides a clear, stable surface for your items. The body of the Dawa Side Table is where the true artistry lies. Composed of a stylish collection of iron lines, it boasts an open design that is both modern and elegant. These iron lines are finished in a luxurious golden color, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

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