Alora Cream Turrel Fabric Ball Cushion 27cm


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The Alora Cream Turrel Fabric Ball Cushion is a striking addition to any room, offering an intriguing blend of style and comfort. The cushion features a distinctive ball shape, which immediately catches the eye and invites interaction. It is encased in a rich cream-colored Turrel fabric, known for its soft, textured feel, which closely resembles the tactile sensation of a soft shaggy rug.

This cushion is designed to provide a luxurious and cozy feel, perfect for snuggling into on a relaxing evening at home. It serves as a plush support, perfect for curling up with in your favorite nook. Whether it's nestled on a deep armchair, placed on a sofa, or even displayed on a bed, this cushion adds an element of softness and a dash of playful charm.

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