Amaryllis Floor Rug 835-11


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Step into the realm of the extraordinary with the Amaryllis Floor Rug, a piece that transforms the traditional concept of floor coverings. As if peering through a microscope, this rug invites you to explore the intricate beauty of dried Amaryllis flowers, each withered petal rendered with astonishing detail. The threads form a tapestry of bronze, black, and cream, weaving a story of natural elegance that has matured and evolved over time.

The artistry of the rug lies in its ability to capture the essence of the Amaryllis' delicate decay, celebrating the cycle of life and the beauty of change. This detailed portrayal is not just a visual treat but a tactile experience, with expert stitching that brings the image to life. It's a conversation starter, a centerpiece that will astonish guests and elevate any space it inhabits.

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