Amaya White Sintered Stone Side Table




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Discover the elegance encapsulated within the Amaya White Sintered Stone Side Table. This circular gem offers more than a mere surface; it's a canvas for luxury. Its tabletop, meticulously crafted from high-quality sintered stone, not only provides a generous space for your favorite decor pieces, books, or evening drinks but also sets the stage for sophistication with its pristine finish and subtle texture.

The Amaya doesn't rest on its laurels. Encircling its body are golden-coloured stainless steel tubes, exuding opulence with every gleam and shimmer. This gilded framework elevates the table's overall design, merging durability with decadence. With the Amaya, you don't just bring home a side table; you embrace a piece where golden excellence meets timeless design, making it the showstopper in any room it graces.