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Amelia Gold Wooden Mirror 120x100CM




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The Amelia Gold Wooden Mirror is not just a tool for reflection but a statement piece that effortlessly marries utility with opulence. Perfectly placed near a sideboard or side table, it serves as a convenient spot to catch a quick glance. Yet, its true allure lies beyond its functional use. The golden coloured borders of the Amelia mirror infuse an immediate sense of grandeur and warmth into any room, elevating the space with a touch of regal charm.

The main highlight of the Amelia is undoubtedly its crowning ornament. A beautifully crafted floral-inspired design sits atop, offering a nod to classical aesthetics and imbuing the piece with an undeniably timeless flair. The Amelia Gold Wooden Mirror doesn't merely reflect your space; it enhances and enriches it.