Arya II Olive Green Velvet 67cm Counter Stool - Brushed Gold Metal Legs


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Immerse yourself in the realm of modern sophistication with the Arya Olive Green Velvet Counter Stool. Its exquisite design, glowing with contemporary elegance, effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your kitchen or bar area. The Arya Counter Stool, an embodiment of subtle luxury, stands proudly with its sleek lines and minimalist form, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of modern aesthetics. The stool's seat is elegantly draped in high-quality olive green velvet, showcasing a lush texture that not only appeals to the senses but also introduces a touch of refined opulence to your casual dining or entertaining experiences.

The luxurious velvet, in its rich olive green hue, adds an inviting warmth to your space while serving as an eye-catching focal point. Complementing the lush seat is a stylish steel frame, finished in lustrous gold. This striking contrast between the warm velvet seat and the golden frame infuses depth and character into the overall design, turning the Arya Counter Stool into an unforgettable piece of furniture.

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