Arya II Sage Green Vegan Leather 67cm Counter Stool - Brushed Gold Metal Legs


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Elevate your interiors with the refined allure of our Arya Sage Green Vegan Leather Counter Stool. This modern masterpiece, designed for sophistication, seamlessly enhances the ambiance of your kitchen or bar area. The Arya stool strikes a chord with its sleek lines and minimalist form, embodying a sense of luxurious elegance. The seat, wrapped in top-tier sage green vegan leather, reveals a lustrous texture that invites touch, enriching your casual dining or socializing experiences with a dash of opulence.

The sage green vegan leather, in its refined shade, beckons the eye and becomes a captivating centerpiece in your space. Complementing the rich vegan leather is the stool's sleek steel frame, coated in a lustrous gold finish. This delightful contrast between the light, sophisticated vegan leather and the shimmering gold frame introduces an intriguing dynamic, enriching the stool's overall design with depth and character. The Arya Counter Stool is, undoubtedly, an elegant statement piece that promises to leave an impression.

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