Arya II Glacier Grey Vegan Leather 67cm Counter Stool - Black Nickel Metal Legs


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Envelop your space in refined sophistication with our Arya Glacier Grey Vegan Leather Counter Stool. This piece, a testament to modern elegance, seamlessly amplifies the ambiance of your kitchen or bar area. The Arya stool captivates with its sleek lines and minimalist form, radiating a sense of discreet luxury. The stool's seat is meticulously upholstered in glacier grey vegan leather, a material known for its durable yet lustrous texture. his shade of grey, both cool and sophisticated, captivates the eye, inviting you to luxuriate in its understated elegance.

Balancing the cool subtlety of the glacier grey is the counter stool's sleek steel frame, gleaming in a polished silver finish. This harmonious interplay between the grey vegan leather and the shimmering silver introduces a captivating depth and character to the overall design. The Arya Counter Stool isn't just a piece of furniture, it's a celebration of modern refinement and style.

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