Beth Floor Rug - Extra Small 100cm x 150cm


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The Beth Floor Rug transcends the ordinary with its extraordinary fusion of design and color. It is as if an ornate glyph, a relic from a bygone era, is being gently eroded by the sands of time right on your floor. An intricate motif of squares encircles the rug, a testament to the timelessness of geometric beauty. This pattern blends subtle oranges with muted greys, bestowing upon the rug a weathered, antiqued effect that is rich in character.

This masterful play of color and design transforms the Beth Floor Rug into a piece of living history, adding a layer of depth and storytelling to any room. It does not merely occupy space; it enhances it, providing a canvas that reflects the elegance of the past through a modern lens. The weathered appearance of the rug brings an element of rustic charm to your home, making it a perfect complement to both contemporary and traditional interiors.

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