Clara Mushroom Velvet Chair


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The finest materials, excellent craftsmanship and luxurious style combine to create the statement piece known as the Clara Chair. Sumptuous soft-pile velvet engulfs the Clara in a luxe shade of grey, combined with gold accents from a lieu of design features; To create an ultra-luxe statement that will be a great addition to your home. As you lounge on its supremely comfortable high-density foam cushions, one can't help but notice the semicylindrical play on fabric prominently featured throughout the Clara Chair's frame. Decorating the back area, sides and backrest are vertical reeds that are visually appealing; Punctuating the Clara's luxuriously complex design.

On the mid-line on each vertical reed, and running along with the Clara's frame, is a magnificent row of golden studs. These golden studs help keep the fabric from shifting, and with the right lighting can seem like a row of lights highlighting its beauty. Two sections of stainless steel frames are featured on the Clara's base, providing stability while further adding to its luxurious aesthetic. The combination of luxurious and chic gold and grey colours makes the Clara a standout piece, even in our extensive line of showstoppers. Best paired with a glass coffee table along with an elegant rug for a luxurious living room.

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