Daphne Black and Gold Carved Wooden Rectangle Mirror




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Rectangular mirrors, with their clean lines and structured form, are timeless symbols of sophistication and grace. Their geometric purity introduces order, amplifies space, and serves as an elegant canvas for decorative ingenuity. But within this traditional category, the Daphne Black and Gold Carved Wooden Rectangle Mirror emerges as an icon, pushing the boundaries of design and expectation.

The Daphne doesn’t just reflect; it captivates. Its centerpiece is a beautifully crafted rectangular mirror, but what truly sets it apart is the surrounding carved wooden border. This border, a masterpiece in itself, exquisitely mimics leaves curving outwards, breathing life and nature into its design. The intricacy of the carving, coupled with the organic motif, adds layers of depth and texture, making it more than just a functional piece—it becomes a living artwork.