Heinrich Black Wooden Shelf




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Transform your office space into a realm of modern art-deco elegance with the Heinrich Black Wooden Shelf. Its sleek design and captivating aesthetic will add a touch of sophistication to your workspace. With its versatile display area, this shelf eagerly awaits to showcase your professional achievements, beloved books, and stylish decor items. The five spacious shelves, crafted from Prime wood, provide ample room to exhibit your accolades and essential work essentials.

The dark black hues of the draped shelves seamlessly blend with the Heinrich's stunning frames, creating a harmonious visual appeal. The two Copper Metal Frames, resembling geometric masterpieces, not only offer sturdy support but also infuse a touch of refined luxury with their lustrous copper colour. Combine this remarkable piece with our Home Decor collection and a luxurious floor rug to create a captivating ambiance.