Jutta Glass 120cm Dining Table - Stainless Steel Legs


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Enhance the allure of your home's gathering spaces with the captivating Jutta Dining Table. This exquisite piece follows a minimalistic approach, seamlessly combining beauty and functionality to create a truly stunning focal point for your dining area. At the heart of the Jutta Dining Table lies a beautifully cut round tabletop that exudes elegance. Its smooth surface sets the stage for delightful meals and intimate conversations.

The rounded shape promotes a sense of inclusivity and fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Adding to its charm, the Jutta features three masterfully crafted stainless steel legs that elevate its aesthetic appeal. With silver colours and a creatively eye-catching form, these legs not only provide stable support but also serve as striking design elements. Pair with a group of our majestic dining chairs.

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