King Of Hearts Framed Paper Collage


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In a brilliant blend of nostalgia and contemporary art, the King of Hearts Paper Collage reimagines the classic card icon in a kaleidoscope of colors and intricate details. Every layer and every hue transform the once-predictable figure into a vivid masterpiece.

The rich palette and imaginative design breathe new life into the stoic King, revealing a tapestry of stories hidden within the well-known lines of his visage. Placed alongside its equally enchanting counterpart, the Queen of Hearts Paper Collage, the duo creates a symphony of regal romance and modern artistry.

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Reviewed by Gemma Watts

Absolutely love this artwork and it looks amazing in our space.

Reviewed by Bella Dumble

Stunningly put together. Decoupage is a very old and favorite of mine. When I saw it I had to have it. Sad yiu didn’t stock all the others in MYER but we got the other three from koala living. Stunning on our walk!