Knox Gold Side Table - Clear Glass Top


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The Knox Gold Side Table is a sculptural masterpiece, a fusion of form and function that instantly elevates the ambiance of any room. Crafted from stainless steel with a polished gold finish, it exudes a radiant warmth that captivates and charms. The table's structure is a triumph of geometric design, featuring a series of interconnected triangles that form a stable and visually intriguing base. The clear glass tabletop serves as a pristine surface that allows the beauty of the golden frame beneath to shine through.

It's a perfect canvas for displaying art pieces, cherished photographs, or a simple vase of flowers, adding a personal touch to the room. This transparency also means the table adds function without visual clutter, maintaining an airy feel in the space. Beyond its utility, the Knox Gold Side Table is a statement piece, akin to a modern art installation. The angular lines and the way they play with light and shadow cast an elegance that can complement a plush living area or add a hint of opulence to a minimalistic setting.

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