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The White Marble Entertainment Unit is an embodiment of understated elegance that adds a touch of luxury to any room. Its mesmerizing white surface, accentuated by intricate grey veins, holds a mystique that draws the eye and captivates the mind, making it a worthy centrepiece to any space. Its curved metal frame features an exquisite and soft finish, along with an open shelf design, which brings a refreshingly neat outline. All of these unique characteristics make this unit light, simple and multipurpose.

With a natural white graphite marble as its base, an ultra-thin and highly resistant film, then a layer of lacquer is applied as the final finish. This technique allows us to even the pattern and adds an extra layer of protection to this delicate stone. Its luxurious combination of white and silver colours will pair greatly with your modern or vintage appliances. For a complete and cohesive look, pair the Marble Entertainment Unit with one of our luxurious floor rugs and a regal sofa that exudes comfort and style.