Mossela II Round Mirror




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The Mossela II Round Mirror is a symphony of design and reflection. As if crafted by an artisan's vision of celestial constellations, it showcases atypically arranged smaller mirrors that converge to form a magnificent, imperfectly perfect motif. Each individual mirror, with its unique positioning, captures different fragments of your space and plays kaleidoscopically with reflections, offering viewers a delightful visual experience that's ever-changing.

Far from being just a functional piece, the Mossela II embodies the concept of modern artistry. Its playful arrangement challenges conventional mirror designs, ensuring it doesn't just blend into your decor, but becomes a standout centrepiece. Whether placed in an entryway to captivate guests or in a living room as a statement piece, the Mossela II Round Mirror promises more than just reflections—it promises conversations and admiration.