Odette Floor Rug- Large 240cm x 340cm




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A weathered look in a room is akin to having a storyteller in your midst, whispering tales of the past through every mark and faded line. It adds depth, character, and a sense of history that new pieces seldom bring. The Odette Floor Rug embodies this ethos beautifully, with its design suggesting a hidden trove of beauty beneath the patina of time, making it a captivating and intriguing addition to any space.

The Odette's sun-like medallion is a faded masterpiece, its presence on the rug like a secret waiting to be discovered. This central emblem, along with the ornate borders, is only fully appreciated upon closer inspection, where the interplay of white, black, and grey hues comes to life. The subtlety of these designs in the Odette Floor Rug plays with perception, encouraging a closer look to uncover the complexity hidden within its weathered appearance.