Rapids Tactile Champange Gold Vase


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The Rapids Tactile Champagne Gold Vase is a testament to the confluence of art and craftsmanship. Every inch of this piece has been meticulously designed, making it more than just a vase—it's a statement of elegance and sophistication. Constructed masterfully from polyresin, its sturdy cylindrical form offers the perfect canvas for its stunning design. The vase's body, bathed in the warm hues of champagne gold, exudes an opulence that's both understated and striking.

However, it's the intricate motif of vertical lines and curves that truly sets it apart. This design, reminiscent of tides in their natural ebb and flow, brings to your home a touch of nature's majesty, echoing the beauty of river rapids catching the golden glint of the setting sun. While the Rapids Tactile Champagne Gold Vase can confidently stand alone as an ornamental piece, its form is perfectly suited to house a variety of indoor plants, adding a fresh vibrancy to its metallic sheen.

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