Sheppard Khaki Woven Fabric Occasional Chair


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A look of timeless elegance is embodied in every inch of the Sheppard Occasional Chair. Comfortable and luxurious, this seat of unparalleled luxury is composed of high-quality materials and a collection of noteworthy design features. The chair frame is upholstered with premium quality woven fabric in a uniquely beautiful golden brown colour, which gives the Sheppard a luxurious glow. The chosen woven fabric is highly durable and possesses a rich textured look that does wonders for the Sheppard's aesthetics.

Lounge in serenity as your rest upon its sophisticated curvilinear frame made from adeptly crafted and ethically sourced timber. The back area of the Sheppard Occasional is decorated and cushioned by three-channel tufts that add to its aesthetic appeal and comfort. Further punctuating its luxurious look is a golden-coloured stainless steel frame. This gorgeous piece acts as the supporting piece for the Sheppard's elegance, while the absence of the typical chair feet allows it to seamlessly flow with timeless elegance. This combination of features will make the Sheppard Occasional Chair a staple in your living area for years to come.

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