Terzetto Pandora Brown Sintered Stone Round Coffee Table - Dark Brown Wooden Legs


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The Terzetto collection embodies a bold yet understated design ethos, seamlessly fitting into the realm of modern contemporary furniture. It merges natural and artificial design elements, intertwining a solid wooden frame with the man-made marble-effect of sintered stone. The collection aims to infuse a sense of tranquility and groundedness through its incorporation of natural motifs. Earthy tones, graceful curves, and textured wooden accents define its natural aesthetic. To exude that sense of luxury that Koala Living is known for, we've chosen a Pandora Brown sintered stone top, characterised by a marbled fusion of rusted brown and grey hues. Crafted by Bianca Armenion, the Terzetto collection is available in both Dark Walnut Brown and Sand Beige Medium Brown finishes. It comprises a dining table, coffee table, and console table. We aspire for this collection to invigorate your living space with renewed vitality, enduring through many years to come.

The Terzetto Pandora Brown Sintered Stone Round Coffee Table is a remarkable piece that exudes both elegance and practicality in its design. The round sintered stone tabletop is particularly spacious, making it an ideal choice for those who value both aesthetics and functionality. The surface area is generous enough to accommodate a plethora of items, from a lavish spread of appetizers to an intricate display of books and decorative pieces.

Supporting this impressive top are three solid wood columns, finished in a dark brown color that beautifully complements the brown shades of the tabletop. These columns serve as the table's legs and are a testament to sturdiness and stability. The dark brown color of the wood also adds a depth of character and a classic touch, ensuring that this table could easily blend with a variety of interior decor styles, from the modern and minimalist to the more traditional and rustic.

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