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This stylish and modern coffee table is just the one you need for your sitting area. This classic rectangular marble coffee table is a part of our classic range and its quintessential beauty is set to capture your eyes with ease. Featuring a black marble finish and traditionally styled legs, this coffee table is one you'll have for years to come. The Marble coffee table is comprised of a rectangular thick coated marble top with grey veining and sabre legs in stainless steel, buffed to perfection. Featuring chrome-finished touches to the legs of the table, completed by a polished and sturdy top for the ultimate in style and convenience. Available in two colours, black and white, this table is the perfect choice for your home or office. This beautiful piece of furniture comes with stainless steel frame, which offers a brilliant sophisticated touch to your room and the table. Paired with accented chairs or your desired lounge, the Marble coffee table aims to transform a banal quarter to one of the most desired spots to have your end of day cup of tea. Classic settings in this simplified beauty makes it ever so versatile to mix and match with your existing favourite pieces. As marble is a product of nature, Koala Living advises that variations in veining patterns and colours are to be expected as standard.