Balmoral II Black Nickel Round Nested Side Tables




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Offering convenience and style to your home is the charming Balmoral Black Nickel Round Nested Side Tables. It features two fully functional side tables of varying heights that offer the perfect degree of utility to even the most humble of spaces. Each features a beautiful cut of circular glass. The shorter table can be nested comfortably below the other while not in use.

Each table possesses' a beautiful glass circular table top with enough space for your essentials or even modern decorations. The Balmoral Round Nested Side Tables frame features a stylish contemporary design, made with masterfully crafted stainless steel accented with silver rings. The silver rings decorated on the frame echo the look of bamboo culms, which adds another layer of beauty to the piece. The Balmoral is best paired with one of our majestic sofas and perhaps a vase of flowers.