Flavius Arch Mirror - Black


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The allure of arch mirrors lies in their harmonious blend of gentle curves and straight lines, offering a softened rectangle that evokes feelings of tranquility and grandeur. This unique shape introduces a cathedral-esque grace to spaces, channeling both timeless elegance and architectural splendor. Among the pantheon of such mirrors, the Flavius Arch Mirror ascends to an echelon of its own, redefining the conventional and leaving an indelible mark on design.

At the forefront is its geometric black-coloured overlay, a masterful inclusion that transforms the mirror from a mere reflective surface to an intricate artwork. This overlay creates a captivating play on reflections fragmenting and reframing the world it mirrors. Moreover, the design gives the Flavius Arch Mirror an illusion of a window. It beckons observers to step through, to explore worlds inward.

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