Aftermath Abstract Painting


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The Aftermath Painting is a mesmerizing tableau that delves deep into the heart of emotion, capturing the raw essence of introspection and the tumultuous aftermath of profound experiences. Bathed in hues of profound blue, serene white, and enigmatic black, it captures the ever-shifting seascape of human emotion.

These colors meld and dance across the canvas, punctuated by luminescent streaks of gold, like glimmers of hope piercing through moments of reflection. Every brushstroke reveals a story, every texture an emotion. The elements of cracking paint and textured surface don't merely add to the aesthetic appeal but narrate tales of resilience, of battles fought and wisdom earned.

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Perfect Addition to my Bedroom

Reviewed by Damien

I decided to place this piece above my bed and it is the perfect abstract art piece that has a 3 dimensional finish, reflecting the light beautifully. The cracked paint really adds another vintage layer to its beauty that never goes unnoticed.

Reviewed by Rita Interlandi