Agustus Antique Brass Wooden Arch Mirror 200x80CM


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Arch mirrors have long been revered for their graceful silhouette and ability to introduce soft curves into a space, breaking the monotony of straight lines and right angles. They playfully juxtapose traditional and contemporary design, finding a harmonious balance between the two. The Agustus Antique Brass Wooden Arch Mirror takes this admiration a step further, magnifying the inherent charm of arch mirrors.

At the heart of the Agustus is its stunning brass-coloured wooden overlay, which is not just a decorative element but a statement of craftsmanship. This overlay, reminiscent of window panes, instantly elevates the mirror's aesthetics, making it not just a reflective surface but an art piece. The window-like design has a transformative effect, invoking feelings of openness, space, and boundless possibilities.

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