Aspen lll White Sintered Stone Dining Table Matte Black Legs




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The Aspen lll White Sintered Stone Dining Table brings modernity to your dining area with its distinctly contemporary design and stunning colours. Share meals and host bountiful feasts for the family on the Aspen's spacious tabletop. Made from beautiful high-quality Sintered Stone, the Aspen's gorgeously cut table top is decorated with grey veins that add mystique to the overall look. The Sintered stone's flat and even surface make it easy to clean as well.

Providing support and visual interest to the Aspen are its masterfully crafted metal frames. At the centre of each frame are artistically designed egg-shaped hollows that further accentuate its modish appeal. Gather your friends and have bountiful celebrations as the Aspen comfortably sits up to 6-8 people. The Aspen Sintered Stone Dining Table is best paired with one of our beautiful monochromatic rugs for a cohesive look of luxury to your dining area.